Evalueserve S.A.
Viña del Mar, Valparaíso
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Evalueserve S.A.
Viña del Mar, Valparaíso
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Evalueserve S.A.
Viña del Mar, Valparaíso
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Evalueserve S.A.
Viña del Mar, Valparaíso
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Informático o Ingeniero en Computación con nivel avanzado de inglés

Evalueserve S.A.

Banca / Financiera
  • Publicado: 21/10/2019

  • Finaliza: 01/11/2019

The candidate will have the distinct opportunity to work with a talented multinational team of index quant research professionals in Evalueserve Chile’s Financial Services division. The candidate will be responsible for performing tasks and developing projects related to the creation and maintenance of indices across asset classes, with a specific focus on Fixed Income, for a top U.S. investment bank’s Quantitative Strategies group.

The responsibilities may include:

• Developing and maintaining the platform for the production of indices
• Programming: developing and testing Index-related applications
• Taking care of day–to-day issues associated with the maintenance and delivery of indices to clients
• Delivering monthly performance reports
• Performing various data quality checks to ensure the quality of inputs for index calculations
• Verifying analytics and characteristics such as rating, amount outstanding, etc.
• Performing a monthly rebalance of indices

Detalle Oferta:

Tipo de Cargo:
Área de desempeño:
Banca y Servicios Financieros
Viña del Mar
Lugar de Trabajo:
Viña del Mar
Duración Contrato:
3 months, renewable
Jornada Completa


Requisitos Minimos:
Professional degree in IT, preferably engineering (IT or Computer Science), with proficiency in the following skills:
• Technical skills: SQL, experience with programming tools such as VBA. NET, C# or Java
• SSIS / SSAS and OLAP Cubes
• Strong command of Excel and data manipulation
• Good written and oral communication in English
• Interest in Capital Markets areas and Index Management
• 0-3 years of experience
Experiencia Mínima:
Menos de 3 años
Estudios mínimos:
Situación Académica:
Dominio Computacional:
Nivel usuario avanzado
Idiomas Requeridos:
  • Inglés

    Escrito: Alto - Hablado: Alto - Traducción: Alto


Pregunta 1:
What is your level of English (1-basic, 10-native)?
Pregunta 2:
How does your background, professional experience, and career aspirations fit the job description?
Pregunta 3:
What language have you used (e.g. C#, Java, Python, VBA) and what has been your experience?
Pregunta 4:
What is your availability/notice period? Are you willing to move to Viña del Mar?
Pregunta 5:
What is your current salary, and what are your salary expectations?